For you, might coaching be better than workshops?
(We give our answer to this question at the end of the page)

Bring your sense of purpose, your vision, strengths and psychological resources into the foreground of your life.

Transform any niggling self-doubt and undermining old stories to increase your success and happiness.

Life Talent coaching is more than simple life coaching. We work with both your potential for self-actualisation and also with deep issues of self-belief and self-love. Life Talent coaching helps you fulfil your potential, which includes healing things from the past that undermine you.

Whatever you wish to achieve in life, whether it is a vision you want to make happen, a change in career, a more balanced approach to your life as a whole, or to learn how to bring understanding and grace to the things which hold you back, we can help.

All of us have a way of being which is unique to us, a particular ‘flavour’ made up of our personality, beliefs, experiences, passions and Life-Calling. Life Talent coaching helps you feel more empowered to not only be confident in who you are but also to let who you are shine and make a difference in the world.

Julian Russell and Cathy Broome both take a highly relational and personal approach to coaching. We believe that “you are not a problem to be solved, but a mystery that is unfolding”.

Both Julian and Cathy have long-term personal development practices developing their own physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual life.

Julian Russell is an executive coach and former UKCP psychotherapist who has been facilitating people for 30 years in the USA, Europe and China. Contact Julian at

If you are interested in coaching with Julian, you can schedule a free call with him to discuss it by clicking here.

Cathy Broome is a Life Talent Coach and certified Dance Movement psychotherapist as well as being a performance artist and published poet.  Contact Cathy at

You can read more about us here: Who we are


So, might individual coaching be better than workshops for you?

Of course, it mainly depends on you and your preferences.  What we can say is that coaching and workshops each have slightly different advantages: with coaching, the entire focus is on you and your agenda. And it is more private. With workshops you are in a healing, self-actualising field with other people: your own growth and development is likely to be both triggered and inspired by other people.

When you spend time individually with a coach, the relationship which develops promotes deep trust and can allow both dreams and difficulties which feel too delicate for group settings to emerge. There are times when we, quite rightly, need all the attention just for us and it is then that individual coaching can be of huge benefit.

Having someone to walk alongside you as you work on your vision, someone who sees you as you are and believes in you, can make the difference between being able to make it happen or not.

Only you can determine what you need to go forward in your life. We invite and encourage you to follow your intuition and go with what feels right.

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