A Vision of What Your Life Could Be Like at the End of the 2022 Life Talent Programme

I thought it would be good to paint a picture for you about where I would hope you would be in your life by the end of the 2022 Life Talent Programme.

The aim is that you will be

  • Living more of the time in a state of flow, a generative state.
  • Applying your Life-Calling daily in your relationship with yourself, in your personal life and in giving your gift to the world.
  • Using your strengths with confidence
  • Able to engage with your inner resources as a daily practice.
  • Feeling more connected with your “tribe”, feeling empowered by them. Your “tribe” are the people who truly see who you are and what you stand for and say “yes” to you.
  • Enjoying a vision for your life that truly inspires you, and you will be working towards that vision.
  • Motivated by big-picture strategic goals for each big decade of your life and will be tracking your progress towards the achievement of those goals.
  • Monitoring and adjusting your work-life balance to have the most nourishing balance between work, personal life and time for yourself.
  • Using psychological tools for bringing yourself back into alignment with yourself, when emotionally triggered by external events
  • More fully healed in your vulnerabilities, will have compassion for yourself, and have strategies for taking care of yourself when those vulnerable places in you are touched.
  • Feeling that the healing process you are in makes you deeper and wiser then if you had never been wounded in the first place.
  • Firmly on the path of self-mastery – the path of fulfilling your potential in life.
  • Enjoying your successes and taking setbacks in your stride as an inevitable part of the learning process of life.

Read more about the 2022 Life Talent Programme here.

If you fulfil your Life-Calling,
you will enjoy your life more and find it more meaningful1
and you are likely to be more successful2.


Finding a direction for life
and setting overarching goals for what you want to achieve
helps you improve health and actually live longer,
regardless of when (at what age) you find your purpose”. 3



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