Building Self-Belief and Hope free audio mini-series

In these 6 recordings of Zoom mini workshops on Building Self-Belief and Hope in February and March 2021, we develop our memories of success, happiness, being loved, of the sacred, our strengths and being safe and empowered in our bodies, and we create a powerful sense of having more of this in the future.

You can listen to the recordings here:

Session 1: remembering moments of success, happiness, being “in the flow” and happiness. With Julian Russell

Session 2: remembering all the times you have been seen, appreciated, believed in, and loved, in your life. With Julian Russell

Session 3: remembering times you experienced life as sacred and inviting more in the future. With Julian Russell

Session 4: uncovering and appreciating your strengths and talents and using them more fully in the future. With Lais Cossermelli and Judith Krichefski

Session 5: Feeling safe in the ground of your body: exploring embodied consciousness. With Hope Maltz

Session 6: with all our inner resources, visioning how we will grow and develop, fulfilling our potential on the journey to our healthy old age. With Julian Russell


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