Do you centre every day?

Studies increasingly point out that we heal primarily in and through the body, not just through the rational brain or talking. This happens through what our bodies experience and do – not through what we think, or cognitively figure out.

Most people could benefit from a daily embodied centring practise, and a quick method that they can use at any time if they feel stressed or off-centre.

This is particularly important if you are touched by anxiety, stress, or traumatic events: for example, if you are impacted by the cost-of-living crisis, the events in the Middle East, the Russian war against Ukraine, work or relationship issues, or grief.

You probably have a method you are already familiar with:

  • Mindfully paying attention to your belly and your heart: you have a “gut brain” and a “heart brain” – independent nervous systems that regulate emotion
  • Muscle relaxation throughout your body
  • Repetitive prayer
  • Yoga, tai chi, and qigong
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Resource meditations

What do you use? How might you use it more?

Do you need to deepen or broaden the range of options for getting into a settled state?

Whatever practise you use, make sure that it settles you in your body, and that your breathing and your heart rate are calmed.

I do this every morning, and anytime in the day that I need to settle and centre.

It is
a radical act of love
just to sit down
and be quiet for a time
by yourself
Jon KabatZinn  

Centering can support you
in retaining focus,
promoting relaxation,
and relieving anxiety.
American Psychological Association, 2022 

I meditate so that my mind
cannot complicate my life
Sri Chinmoy