With Julian Russell and guest Selene Vega
A series of free videos and audio meditations

Creative Mind meditations are state-of-the-art for touching base with yourself, creating inner alignment, empowering yourself and healing inner obstacles, so that you can be in the flow with whatever you need to do each day.

When you are engaged in inner change, evoking your inner resources, daily, will support that change.

Each session explores a particular element of the approach, as well as leading a meditation to cover the whole 7 Step process.  We will guide you in these meditations, but the purpose is for you to learn to lead these meditations for yourself, perhaps as a daily practice.

Creative Mind is the latest development of Steve Gilligan PhD, one of the original students of NLP, mentored by Gregory Bateson and Milton Erickson, leading teacher of Ericksonian Psychotherapy and co-founder of the Generative Change Movement.

Julian has worked with Steve since the 1980’s and wrote a Chapter in Steve’s book Walking in Two Worlds: The Relational Self in Theory, Practice, and Community. Selene Vega is a psychotherapist, workshop leader, and faculty with Saybrook University’s Mind-Body Medicine graduate program.

These videos and audios were made at weekly Zoom classes between June and August 2021.

Julian teaches all the sessions except session 6, when Selene Vega presents.

Session 1: Open your Creative Mind:

Session 2:  What do you want most?

Session 3: Expand your psychological resources

Session 4: Welcome obstacles

Session 5: Support Yourself More Fully

Session 6: With Your Resources, Imagine Your Life

Session 7: Grow Your Transformation Daily

You will find the videos of the Zoom classes, audios of just the meditations in case you want to repeat the meditations, and the PowerPoint slides that went with the class here.