How Life Talent Integrates Approaches from Creative Mind and the Generative Change Movement

As you know, my aim is to make the Life Talent Programme the most powerful personal evolution programme in the world and my aim is to include the latest evolutions of personal change, coaching and psychotherapy.

The 2022 Life Talent Programme will include some of the most powerful approaches from Creative Mind and Generative Change. It is about making the most of all that is great about you; and to help you heal anything that holds you back from expressing your uniqueness fully.

The Generative Change approach is already integrated into Life Talent, but Creative Mind has introduced a powerful approach that draws on much greater resources and heals a much broader range of potentially disempowering influences. This Integral model, based on Jean Gebser’s work includes

  • Individual self: make the most of our individual selves (Generative States, Life-Calling, Circle of Resources, Strengths, and Life Vision) and healing the emotional wounds that disempower us.
  • Collective Mind: making the most of the great stuff from our ancestors, as well as reducing any transgenerational disempowerments. Broader still, from our culture, embracing the empowering messages we receive as well as recognising and reducing any disempowerments.
  • Nature: enhancing our nourishment, resilience, and resources in and from nature; and bringing our love to nature.
  • Spirit (ever-present-origin): exploring the generative states in which all disempowering narratives disappear, and in which infinite possibilities arise for new resources and approaches to the world.
  • Integral: integrating the individual, collective, natural world, and spirit

Out of emptiness (the ever-present-origin) came existence in the form of Nature. Out of Nature came consciousness and the community of beings, and human culture. Differentiating ourselves from our tribe and our culture we developed Individuality.

The next stage for humans is to integrate all the above, so that our isolated selves recognise our place in the family of being, in nature and in the ever-present-origin. With this wisdom, we can express our unique selves more clearly into the world from the ground of the wholeness out of which we have emerged. This is the aim of the 2022 Life Talent Programme.

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