Transforming Suffering with Love mini-series

Join me at the free 5-session mini-series Transforming Suffering with Love: we will learn about how to transform past wounds and present suffering, with love, so that we can express ourselves freely in our lives.

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Each session is complete in itself but there is a theme that builds through the entire series. If you register for one session, then you are registered for all of them.

Wednesday 10th March 2021:
Accepting What is Great About Us and Our Vulnerability
With all our psychological resources and competence, as humans, we also have vulnerabilities, weak spots, and occasional disempowering thoughts. In this session, we will evoke our tender hearts and our inner resources, and we will bring our love to the corners of ourselves that need acceptance, love, and healing.

Wednesday 17th March: 4pm-6pm GMT
Deepening the Loving Relationship with Ourselves
We are great, and we have difficulty and vulnerability. In this session we will continue to develop and deepen the loving relationship with ourselves, learning to be our own best friend, guide, and mentor.

Wednesday 24th March: 4pm-6pm GMT
How to Face Unavoidable Suffering
Sometimes there is suffering in life that is unavoidable. Victor Frankl, the famous concentration camp survivor, said there were 3 forms of meaning in life: meaning through giving your gift to the world, meaning through love, and meaning through how you face unavoidable suffering. Lockdown, social distancing rules, illness, death of a loved one, change of employment are all examples of unavoidable suffering.  We will explore how we can approach our suffering in a way that both accepts the reality of it, and deepens our character and our soulfulness.

Wednesday 31st March: 4pm-6pm GMT
Finding the Gifts that Come from Our Wounds
In Mary Oliver’s poem “The Uses of Sorrow” there are the lines:

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.
It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”

The process we go through to heal our wounds can give us a gift that we only realise much later, when we are healed.  The steps of transformation include: 1. recognising the wound, 2. healing the wound, 3. discovering the gift, but we need to go through these in order.  During the first stage of recognising the wound, it is not helpful to say, “there is a gift here”.  Only in the later stages of healing can we begin to discover that what we have learned in the process of healing is a resource we can use in our lives. Wisdom comes through the transformation of suffering.

Wednesday 7th April: 4pm-6pm GMT
Being with Others in their Difficulty
In the mini-series so far, we have learnt about the journey of transforming our own suffering. Now we can apply what we have learnt to help support people around us who are suffering, by being a loving, accepting witness for them.